Saturday, July 29, 2017

Twisted Fringe

Boulder Turquoise Necklace
While in Tuscon last January, I found a few Boulder Turquoise cabochons.  Boulder Turquoise is also referred to as Ribbon Turquoise. Lapidarists  cut the stone so the turquoise presented in a thin strip through its host stone.  I made two necklaces and a pair of earrings.  the necklace above has gone ton the Artery along with the earrings.  I will keep the second necklace as I really love this stone!  It looks so naturals if this is how you might come across turquoise while digging!  The fringe is twisted.  This is the first time I attempted twisted fringe (which I have always admired and wondered how they did that!).  Twisting the fringe is a bit tedious but the look is well worth it!  The blues and greens in the beadwork complement the turquoise in the cabochon which changes from a deep green to a bright blue.  Lots of fun making these necklaces!  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Art and Sole: Fundraiser for Joshuas House

I took break from beading to create this collage, "Kickin' It" for the Art and Sole Fundraiser in Scaramento.  The funds raised through this auction of artwork will be donated to Joshuas's House, a soon to be built hospice for the homeless.  I had soooo much fun with this project.  I have been a fan of Finnabair for a while and wanted to create a collage/assemblage using various gels and heavy past mediums.  I used my sons shoes and that is his portrait in the collage.  For the portrait I used Golden GAC800 medium to make a photo transfer which was then attached to the canvas using Golden medium as a sort of glue.  I also used  Golden products to stiffen the shoelaces and upper shoe, which was used to create a hat.  There are all kinds of components used in the collage;  vintage keys and watch parts, computer circuits, vintage bottle caps, brass findings, clock hands, and a few small photo transfers.  Anyhow, it was great fun and I looked forward to creating more collages/assemblages in the future.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gallery Shows

 Amaterasus' Messenger was display at Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville, CA during the month of March.  The show was entitled
"To The Touch" and selected participants presented work that the viewer would want to touch and feel.  In this collar, I surrounded a beautiful and large blue agate with pheasant feathers.  Everything is stitched on metallic grey lambskin, glove quality leather....very luxurious!  The fringe really makes the collar quite luscious; it was a last minute decision to add the fringe.  The collar closure is a vintage brass button that looks great with the piece!

Amaterasu is a Japanese sun goddess who often used pheasants as her messengers, thus the name of this collar.  It was great fun creating a piece of jewelry for a gallery show and really pushed me out of my artistic routine!
This necklace was made for a "Black and White" show which ran through the month of February at the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA.  It was quite difficult to make this piece work.  In the beading world no two whites are alike and so it was a bit of a challenge to finds a group of whites that worked well together!  The necklace has a wonderful Art Deco feel to it.
The square cabochons are Onyx surrounded by longer frosty white bugle beads and and even longer black bugle beads.  The center piece is finished off with a spiral rope of Swarovski white opal bicone crystals and black glass beads.  the closure is a vintage black glass button that works well with the piece.

I am very pleased with the results!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey, I'm still here!!

I will not bore you with the reason for my inactivty on this blog..suffice to say that my life has been full of many surprises which have pulled me in all sorts of directions!  I have kept up with my bead embroidery but decided pull out of one gallery which represented my work.  I felt like a change was needed to prevent further stagnation in my work.  I still sell my work at the Artery in Davis, CA.  I am considering taking steps towards on line selling but I cringe at the thought of how much time I would have to spend on social media in order to get my business moving on line.  I am also considering participating in high end fine craft shows;  this would mean I would have to upgrade my booth appearance.  So my brain is plodding along looking for new creative direction.  In the meantime I've gotten myself into the quality not quantity state of mind as I pursue new ideas I have for my jewelry designs.  Here are a few photos of new work. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Been A Very Busy Year!

Such a busy year so far!  In April I was accepted into the Artery this past April;  the Artery is another cooperative gallery in Davis, CA.  In June my daughter graduated college and began college a few weeks ago.  In June I went on an 18 day tour of Europe and fell in love with Europeans.  There is no truth to the comment that Parisians are icy towards Americans;  I found Paris to be very welcoming.
In August my mom passed away from cancer;  everything happened very quickly.  I miss her a great deal.  Every morning I warm up at the gym playing Cold Plays song "Always In My Head" and give my mom a few minutes....just she and I and memories.  Shortly after mom's death we placed my dad in assisted living memory care...that was very difficult but the right decision;  he is happy and socializing.  

Anyhow, I am finding myself asking...."what was I doing before all this happened"!  I have been busy at both galleries and have not posted or taken very many photos:(   I converted to Mac Air and iPhone 6 this year and haven't figured out how to get photos on Blogger.  I am not very astute in computer technology.  Hopefully I will have more photos soon!  In the meantime I am off to bead!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bead Design Entries: Nirvana Beads

Sometime, during the busy fall months, I made three pieces of jewelry to enter into the Nirvana Bead Design Contest.  The two necklaces above were entered under the "Button" category and the earrings were entered under the "Earrings" category, of course! The silver plated leaf in the earrings were purchased by me from Nirvana and help create a stunning pair of earrings.  The center necklace has been created almost completely from Nirvana beads and buttons .  The center necklace and a bracelet (not show  were both selected as a winner under the  "Button" categories.  As there is only one winner, Nirvana is selecting one or the other (necklace or bracelet) as the winner; final results out tomorrow.  And what, you may ask, is the prize...a hefty gift certificate from Nirvana to purchase more beads, of course......every beaders dream!  Nirvana Beads is a great company with very down to earth folks running the business.  I found them when I fell in love with Czech buttons and wanted to start using these buttons in my designs.  As I searched for a wholesaler of these Czech buttons I cam across Nirvana and have purchased my Czech beads and buttons from them ever since.  What really makes Nirvana Beads special is the fact that they donate a portion of their profits to help those suffering from natural and man made cool is that!  So I support Nirvana, Nirvana supports those in need and it is all good!  I like that.  Anyhow, the two necklaces above use Nirvana Czech buttons as focal points. I have been asked to create a necklace similar to the bottom blue necklace using the same button is white, with salmon and gold accents and angel wings....more edgy.  I will post a picture when I am done...the wedding is in April. Life is good!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beaded Collars...or rather Bibs.

Earlier this year I created several beaded collars...projects that I had been thinking about for quite some time.I had great fun working up the color scheme in  these collars.  The larger collar is a magnificent piece to wear and has the impression of Egyptian fashion.  I imagine how grand Cleopatra must have felt wearing those wonderful beaded collars, sipping fine wine!  I started out with a beautiful but bright Purple Sea Sediment Jasper.  I decided I did not want to play up the bright Purple and focus on all the complimentary tones found in the stone.  I added some vintage glass cabochons and pearl to give a sheen to the collar at various places.

The two smaller collars were a bit more difficult primarily due to the small space.  At their widest point, the collar is not quite 2 inches.  I did not want to have the space on each side of the center cabochons to be boring and so after pondering various ideas I cam up with the final designs.  The lighter collar has a small, teardrop cabochon of Ocean Jasper.  I love Ocean Jasper and all it's variations.  It will often have circulars shapes indicating something bubbled up from the deep ocean floor and solidified! I had to work at keeping the Ocean Jasper collar light and white.  I rarely use white in my beaded pieces so this was a challenge.  The animal print type beading just happened, I did not start out with a plan on how to fill space.  I love the way the collar turned out!  The other small collar has a aquamarine blue Swarovski cabochon.  The frosted glass leaves to the side are also vintage, very unique.

I had great fun creating these collars. They are currently on view at Artist Collaborative Gallery in Sacramento.

The bottom necklace is Ocean Jasper surrounded by champagne button pearls.  Poor photo!